Friday, November 14, 2014

One of my favorite family photos...

Oooh, just remembered that I still have some Save the Date photos that I haven't posted up!

 photo DSC_113122_zpsc295d37b.jpg
This is actually my favorite photo of the day!

Would have loved to use it as the cover photo for our Save the Date event on FB, but alas, the boy preferred that other one that I posted here before. Since he rarely had any preferences for anything wedding-related, I let him win one time la, hahaha.

 photo DSC_1110_zpsc494c228.jpg
Behind the scenes: corgi bullying wtf. Found a random shopping trolley in the park, so we had some fun with it, haha.

 photo DSC_1117_zps25ca20a6.jpg
 photo DSC_1121_zps182b5f4b.jpg
Family silhouettes. :D

 photo DSC_1174_zps31a618b4.jpg
Asian corgi LOL.

 photo DSC_1275_zps72e3b057.jpg
Corgi-bullying, part 2.

On a wedding-related note, our wedding ceremony was featured on The Wedding Notebook! :)

 photo images_294_zps263b4819.jpg

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sweetiegem <3 said...

where did you get the chandelier? and which deco service have you hire? as the website "ohmyGeorge" is not contactable. would appreciate if you could share. :) lovely wedding! did you have your ROM at gita bayu at the floating deck?

revel in me said...

sweetiegem: Hello! I got the chandelier from a furniture shop as I plan to use it in my home next time... I didn't use any decor services (came up with most of the decor myself), but I did get a coordinator for the day. And no, we didn't use the floating deck 'cause we wanted to have our guests near to us! :)