Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Superdad surprise birthday party.

Finally blogging about the surprise birthday party we threw for our dad!

When thinking of what to get our dad for his birthday, we suddenly came up with the wild idea of a surprise party instead! In my memory, my dad has never ever had a birthday party before, so we thought it'd be a really nice treat for him. And it was at about the right time too, as Jing would be back from Australia for a few weeks-- it would be really nice to celebrate his birthday with everyone present!

First task on-hand-- choose a theme. Surprisingly, this was one of the easiest part. We bounced a few ideas off each other, but somehow we felt the most strongly about a "Superdad" aka superhero theme. My dad has been the sole breadwinner of the family since my mom quit her job more than 10 years ago. He single-handedly sent 4 children overseas to pursue our tertiary education! And god knows it wasn't easy to bring up 3 girls (and a wife) who are vain and loves to shop HAHA. And he has just been this amazing rock in our lives. If he is not Superdad, what is he??!!

Second task, pick a venue. We decided to pick a family restaurant near to our family home so that it's easy to cheat my dad there. The plan is to say that the boy and I are organizing a BBQ at our condo, and for them to 'drop by' at the family restaurant to pick up 'lasagne' on the way wtf.

Third, guest list. This we assigned to our mom.

Photo time!

 photo DSC01045_zpsd3776419.jpg
We put little superhero masks (made out of black felt) on helium balloons! They also have little superhero capes (also made of felt) to the back, haha.

 photo DSC04828_zps2a63a0cd.jpg
A super (no pun intended) awesome cake for the birthday boy!

 photo DSC01052_zpse4b91350.jpg
Cookie favors at each place setting.

 photo DSC01042_zps60a515de.jpg
Who wore it better? wtf

 photo DSC01050_zpsf50cac01.jpg
We also had felt masks for camwhoring!

 photo DSC01053_zps250e98fa.jpg
A back-view of the birthday cake-- checkout the red superhero cape!

 photo DSC01058_zpsc813bece.jpg
Our dad had to put on a red cape the moment he arrived, haha.

He didn't look surprised at all!! Just a little dazed. Turns out he just woke up from a nap wtf. When we asked him whether he is happy, he said yes, but he is also a little sad 'cause he was looking forward to a BBQ, haha.

Ok daddy, we are arranging a BBQ for X'mas just for you! :P

 photo DSC04853_zps046ba370.jpg
Since it was mostly our parents' friends at the party, we had to find ways to entertain ourselves, haha.

But the poses got uglier and uglier...

 photo DSC04878_zps2d0ca846.jpg
 photo DSC04877_zpsdc13b0df.jpg

 photo Untitled-1_zpsf52437e5.jpg


 photo DSC04914_zpsf8066d40.jpg
Family photo!

And damn funny, my mom was bragging to all her friends that my brother looked so good in his all-red ensemble, and that he looks like Lee Hom. We had to set her straight and tell her that actually his inspiration is Him from Powerpuff girls:
 photo HIM_zps5c1d48bb.jpg


By the way, my mom is really keen to renovate our family home in preparation for our tea ceremony next year! -_-|| And she is making me clear out my room in preparation for the renovation works early next year. So I have put up more stuff on Boudoir-Boudoir!


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