Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The impulsive hair cut.

It was the most random and impulsive decision.

While driving on Saturday, I glanced down at my hair during the slow-moving traffic, and just felt so disgusted and frustrated at the yellow dry strands (it didn't help that I was having a bad hair day. But then again, I seemed to be having bad hair week/ month for awhile already...).

Suddenly I thought of the long bobs that I have been admiring on Instagram recently. It seems like everyone has been chopping off their hair for a blunt bob nowadays. Lauren Conrad, Taylor Swift, Lily Collins, Emma Stone...


In the traffic jam, I messaged Yen Lim, one of my most trusted hairstylist friend, and sent her this photo....

 photo HpZ9q24ivx22GokHi9mZ_zps09c7846f.jpg

.... and asked her: "Can I carry off a long bob?"

She replied: "YES!"

And I proceeded to make an appointment for Monday (i.e. yesterday).

I was quite excited about the prospect of having a hair makeover, though I am scared shit of how a long bob will look on my round face (and big head T_T). After all, my nickname in office last time was Chupa Chups WTF.

But then it hit me that we have our wedding reception next year! :O :O :O I DO want long hair for that... We still don't have a wedding date yet (that's another story for another day...), but there's a chance it will be in July-- which leaves me with about 7 months.

Furiously googled how fast can hair grow, and the answer is-- about 3 inches in 6 months! That's not a lot. T__T Also posted a vote on my Dayre, and the votes were half-half-- some of you said absolutely NO, whereas some of you said that I can always rely on hair extensions, haha.

Anyway, I went ahead with a hair cut!!!

 photo DSC02019_zps5ca433ee.jpg
Tada, new hair!

I didn't go for as short as I intended-- I still hope to wear my hair long on my wedding (without hair extensions). But I still went shorter than I *should*! :P Probably took off 7-8 inches at least.

 photo DSC02007_zps4cbe1888.jpg
Lunch today with Teeny. A lot to catch up on since I haven't seen her properly for about 2 weeks already!

We wanted to have lunch at Lai Thai at Happy Mansion, but it was closed. Somehow I don't have fate with Lai Thai! Everytime our lunch plans at Lai Thai sure won't work out. T__T In the end, we still had Thai food at My Elephant, which was nearby.

 photo DSC02012_zps1d8f3a39.jpg
Today's outfit....

 photo DSC02010_zps57dd06da.jpg

 photo DSC02013_zps4a8b536f.jpg

Very excited about today's outfit, because it's a dress from AZORIAS' new line! We are launching a new range of apparel with a slightly lower price point, and there are so many pretty items in it. *heart* Will announce its launch soon! :D

Ending this post with a photo with Yen, who is seriously the prettiest hairstylist ever.

 photo photo35_zps2293af19.jpg

If any of you are interested to get your hair done by Yen, go to Wenawave salon:

Times Square branch:
Lot 03-77, East, 3rd Floor, 1, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 603 2142 3002

Sunway Giza branch:
Block A, No. 10-1, (1st Flr), Jalan PJU 5/14, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-61408779

(by the way, this is not a sponsored post! My sisters and I have been going to Yen for 7 years already :) )

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ms.bulat said...

very pretty!! The haircut suits you well! Was telling myself to comment bout the navy blue (isit navy? haha) dress to ask is it from Azorias! can't wait! also....the last printed dress is the dress I always remember cus it was sold out at Azorias FAST! :<

revel in me said...

ms bulat: Haha, thank you!! Was quite nervous about chopping off my hair (coz so rash) but luckily it turned out not bad! :P And yes yes, it's navy! The price points will be quite attractive, hehe. Don't miss out again wtf!! :P