Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sisters at brunch.

*pulls ears and looks down forlornly*

SO SORRY GUYS! I haven't blogged in a month... despite the fact that in my previous blogpost I resolved to blog more. *weak smile*

But I swear that I have a valid reason for this! Remember that in my last blogpost I mentioned that AZORIAS has launched a new line, Artisan? Well, it has surpassed my expectations and have done really well! :D To be honest, my expectations were quite low la wtf, 'cause I thought people might be resistant to products that are not made in Korea (which AZORIAS is known for). But thank you to all your support, old and new customers, for your vote of faith and confidence! :D

Because of that, I have been so busy in the last few weeks, and this CNY break is honestly much needed! In fact, I actually have a mountain-load of work waiting for me, but I am not supposed to be start work (开工) till tomorrow. Hence, here I am blogging, hehe.

Quite a few things happened in the last few weeks! Went to Singapore with my mom for a short trip... Jing was back from Brisbane for a week... One of my closest friends, Jaclyn, got engaged-- and guess who is maid of honor? :P Jac then came back recently, and we went dress-shopping for her wedding... Audrey's 30th birthday bash... Photoshoot with Rocky for a coffee book for a dog-awareness charity drive.... Valentine's day.... Phew, quite a few things huh! You can follow me on Dayre to get more timely updates wtf.

Anyway, am posting some photos with Jing 'cause the festive period is making me miss my sister a lot!

 photo DSC01899_zps719d8965.jpg
My loves and I at the new Yut Kee.

 photo DSC01888_zpsc4a5982e.jpg
Cofee, eggs and toast-- the staple Asian breakfast.

 photo DSC01900_zps2732c130.jpg
But this is a more accurate depiction of what a staple meal is like to us wtf.

 photo DSC01904_zps9ca79a8d.jpg
Took some mini polaroids with Jing's precious Mickey & Minnie polaroid films!

 photo DSC01922_zps223bb4d3.jpg
My favorite girls.

Outfit details:
 photo DSC01909_zpsa1aec366.jpg
Absolutely in love with this blouse! The dramatic organza pussybow is just LOVE. I have about a million and one outfit ideas for it. In fact, I guarantee you will see me wearing it in Europe this year....

YES!!! We are going to central Europe in May-- think Prague, Vienna, Budapest.... Can't wait! :D

 photo DSC01906_zpscdbc8bdf.jpg
Back to my outfit please lol.

Looking at these photos make me sad. 'Cause this pair of shoes of mine have passed on already wtf. The sole came off on the way to a friend's wedding in Janda Baik! T_T Luckily we were still pretty near to my parents' place at that time, so I could run in to grab another pair of shoes.

 photo DSC01910_zps4ac10dc9.jpg

Organza pussybow blouse: AZORIAS
Silk printed shorts: Zara

Gold bangles: Bangkok/ Topshop
Nude ankle-strapped platforms: Korea
Bag: Celine

 photo DSC01918_zps0d01534f.jpg

And ooh, before I forget, Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! Gong Xi Fa Cai, and may this year be full of amazing surprises for all of you. :)

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