Thursday, March 05, 2015

Colorful day in SG.

So, I was in Singapore for 3 days back in January! It was a really impromptu trip actually. Y'see, I have been planning to go to Singapore to run some banking errand for sometime already, but could never find the time (or heart) to go-- it's quite sien to travel all the way there alone just to go to the bank wtf.

Little did I know that my mom already planned a trip there because my cousin from Sydney was going to SG! And my mom who hates traveling alone, has actually forced my brother to go along with her-- much to my brother's dismay, haha. So it was kind of a match made in heaven-- we both wanted company for SG-- so off we went!

(My brother was forced to tag along in the end, because I had to leave earlier for work, and my mom doesn't dare to travel back alone, haha).

Am blogging about my only full day in SG (i.e. Day 2) 'cause Day 1 was when I traveled in; and Day 3 was when I traveled out wtf.

We were staying in Resort World at Sentosa Island 'cause my cousins were staying there too. When we weren't out in the city, mealtimes were all settled in Resort World, which is really convenient!

 photo IMG_5905_zpsncypy4kr.jpg
Literally rolled out of bed and went downstairs for pho wtf.

Pho with wagyu!! *mindblown* But actually not that nice la, 'cause the wagyu wasn't tender enough. :/

 photo DSC02128_zpstqgwqtcq.jpg
Selfie on Orchard Road!

By the way, does my fringe look weird? Because I had a hair crisis the day before I left for Singapore! -__- Went to a neighbourhood salon to get a nice blow-out for the trip, and since I was there, I thought I might as well get my bangs a trim.

Right before the hairstylist snipped away, he reassured me a few times that he is just going to cut really really little. Which I was totally cool with. Took off my glasses so that he could begin trimming. The next thing I know, when I put on back my glasses, I have like 1.5 inch left of bangs!!!!!

I was really mad! You would to, if you looked like a retard like me wtf. And asked the guy, "I thought you said you will cut VERY VERY little??"

And then he tried to defend himself and said that bangs grow very quickly so he cut more. -__-

In the end, he took some of my hair from the back and bring it forward to cover my super short bangs. -___-

It has been more than a month, and my bangs still look ridiculous. -_____-

Anyway, on to happier non-hairy things wtf.

 photo IMG_5928_zpscc2h4mvl.jpg
High tea with my pretty mama!

 photo IMG_5927_zpsacfzv59x.jpg
Mother-daughter pose, haha, It was actually a really good trip bonding and catching up with my mom. :)

 photo IMG_5931_zpsqk8iidhw.jpg
The interior is so nice right! We were in Paul, a French bakery. Can't wait for our Europe trip in May-- VISIT ALL THE CAFES!

 photo IMG_5922_zpsqpdkeob7.jpg
The main highlight of out trip-- reunion time! 

Quite a few of my aunties and cousins (from my mom's side) are from SG, so it's always jolly good fun to see everyone. Not to mention, not everyone was present here! It was a week-day, so some of them couldn't make it for dinner. But still, lots of boisterous fun! And 2 of my cousin brothers are getting married this year, so excited for them! :D

 photo IMG_5921_zps3juxmuhw.jpg
Just want to show you how pretty my cousin from Sydney is wtf (the one in green shorts). She is 30-over years old, has 2 kids, and still looks so pretty and hot! #lifegoals

Outfit of the day:

 photo DSC02132_zpsvj5enopo.jpg

Floral print midi dress: AZORIAS
Pearl bangle: Korea
Green rattan platforms: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Celine

I love to travel in this pair of flatforms 'cause it gives me a few inches of height, but it feels as if I am wearing flat sandals only!

 photo IMG_5899_zps3q7tahmj.jpg
Ending this post with a photo of macarons because everyone loves macarons wtf.

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