Wednesday, June 03, 2015


UGHHHH can't believe I haven't blogged in 3 months!! 

But I promise that I have legit reasons for it though, hehe. And truth to be told, once you stop updating the blog, it's really easy to lose the blogging mojo. T__T It's like 1 week becomes 2 weeks becomes 1 month becomes 2 months, and here I am with an abandoned blog. *blows dust off my blog*

Anyway! What have I been up to?

To reiterate the story, I will need to tell some grandma tale LOL.

 photo 6AFB3EFA-D3E3-44FF-90A2-8CA868E85464_zpsioy7bill.jpg

When I was a mere teenager, I made a pact with my high school best friends that we would go to New York before 30 years old, and GUESS WHAT. I am turning 30 this year.

Although it was almost a naive childhood (teenage?) dream, I could never really shake off this fantasy. Something about the city that never sleeps, something about fulfilling dreams, even those that seem far-fetch.... However, as I neared my birthday, I started to accept that I won't be realizing this NYC dream of mine-- what with being newly married, tight finances, no company (the boy won't have enough leave, and girlfriends/ sisters have their own commitments). It's not like I didn't try though! I did try to arrange something with Jing and Teeny, but taking 3 weeks off plus the hefty costs just made it quite unachievable as a sisters' trip at this stage.

And then in March, we found out that the boy has to go to the States, and New York is one of the cities! It was as if all the stars aligned themselves. In fact, as luck would have it, I would be spending my actual birthday in NYC! I was so so so ecstatic, and literally felt (and still feel!) on top of the world. :D

 photo IMG_1424_zpsvteghpwx.jpg

New York is every bit like how I imagined, and then some! NYC totally deserves its own travelogue, so I am just going to pacify you with one single photo here LOL. Will blog about NYC real soon! :D

And after being home for barely 2 weeks, I went to Central Europe with my family! Family trips are really precious to me because with Jing now working full-time in Brisbane, it's sort of the only time that we are all together. Also, we like to joke that family trips are the best bonding time, because there is nowhere else to run to except to talk to each other wtf.

 photo DSC09332_zpskewaalmx.jpg

Here we are in Budapest! We also did Munich, Prague and Vienna. Again, my Eurotrip deserves their own blogposts, so I won't go into detail here. But just check out the JOY in this photo!! That is basically the gist of my trips. :D

 photo IMG_1290_zpsbzf4adqa.jpg

And probably the most significant thing that has happened, is that I turned 30. In N-Y-C yo! It was the best way to spend my 30th birthday because I didn't have the time to lament too much on turning old wtf. But seriously, it was quite emotional for me to fulfill my dream of visiting New York by 30-- on my 30th birthday! It is the type of kick-ass milestone that will forever color my life with neon colors and confetti hehe.

So with that, I am happy to announce my comeback to my blog. HELLO, and welcome home!

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Vy said...

Blog more! =)

revel in me said...

Vy: Thank you for still reading! T_T I WILL!! *ganbatte mode on*