Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rockefeller Center, one month apart.

I saw this photo of Rockefeller Center on my Instagram feed recently, and did a double take:

 photo 11378593_961907867174246_753973837_n_zpsfct0dpwa.jpg

Why, you may ask?

'Cause it looks SO SO different from the Rockefeller Center that I saw in New York! :O :O :O

 photo IMG_4065_zpspd0s3lqb.jpg
SEE?? Same location, same angle, same view... SO DIFFERENT. And it was only a month plus ago??

 photo IMG_1042_zpsrgvmvuyf.jpg
Another view. Right opposite is 5th Avenue, and you can just FEEL the energy of New Yorkers bouncing off! :D

The place was covered with colorful blooms and cherry blossoms, and the ponds (previously they were ponds!!) were filled with neon pink rubber duckies.

 photo DSC02466_zpsxpokmsqa.jpg
You heard me right. NEON PINK rubber duckies. I love how pretty and random everything looks!

 photo 11378593_961907867174246_753973837_n_zpsfct0dpwa.jpg
I repeat, now it looks like this. #mindblown

Couldn't resist to take some nice OOTD photos with all the cherry blossom background:

 photo DSC02461_zpsumuj0isz.jpg

 photo DSC02465_zpsfcavsy9p.jpg

Ruffled eyelet slip dress: AZORIAS (Also available in Pink)
Bracelets: H&M
Black pumps: Forever 21

 I love this dress, which is inspired by Self Portrait! Looking back at these photos, I regret not wearing the pink version, it will look so nice with this awesome pink background-- rubber duckies and all! :P

A little more about my day, other than our Rockefeller excursion, haha.

 photo IMG_2344_zpssx0mqbcp.jpg
Spent the earlier part of the day by myself, 'cause the boy had to work. Felt like a local New Yorker 'cause I carried a coffee in my hand while navigating around Manhattan LOL.

I honestly thought I was so smart, 'cause it was really cold and I honestly believed that holding a hot cup of liquid in my hands would keep me warm. Why else would everyone be carrying a cup too right?

WRONG. 'Cause hot liquids will turn cold too wtf. And it was so cold that my coffee literally turned cold in 3 minutes. -_- USD4 down the drain FML.

 photo IMG_1025_zpsfjljxbkg.jpg
Queuing in Momofuku Milk Bar.

 photo IMG_1040_zpshm3gxlcw.jpg

THIS is what I came to New York for! *hearts in eyes*

When planning a NYC trip with my sisters in the past, one of the top to-do in my NYC bucket list is to eat this famous cereal-topped soft serve from Momofuku Milk Bar. I came to know about it from Instagram, and many of the New Yorkers that I admire all rave about this. Also, if you know me well, you will know that I am a sucker for anything milky. So I was so dead set on trying this at least once in my life!

And I did.

I seriously felt like a hundred of emotions running through my veins while licking sloppily on this milky heaven. Deliriously happy and touched was the main emotions! :D

 photo IMG_1080_zpsgbzyw0tj.jpg
Also ticked another must-try food off my list. Because when in NY, you have to have street food! And the Halal Street Guys come highly recommended.

 photo IMG_1049_zpsudaaxlhm.jpg
It doesn't look that appetizing, I know. But it's really good value for money (USD7 for the biggest pot of rice ever wtf), and very yummy too!

Tip: Ask for extra white sauce. And add the red sauce with caution 'cause it's really spicy!

 photo IMG_1053_zpsxe3tfbho.jpg

Finally finished off our day out with take-away cupcakes from Sprinkles, which is supposed to have the best red velvet cupcake.

Wait till you see Sprinkle's cupcake ATM!! :O

Wait till you see my eat red velvet ice cream with toasted red velvet cake toppings! :O

Ended the night with cupcakes in bed and the most aching legs, but with a heart that was bursting with happiness and gratitude. :D

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