Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I have a great relationship with the boy, and I can safely say that we adore each other. Even after 12 years HEHE. But sometime the things he say ar, haha...

I think I actually need to start a series on the blog called Shit My Husband Says. :P

For example, the hubby showed me this one day, and asked me to build my dream man according to the $5 rule:

 photo IMG_3880_zpsos1lakqb.jpg

I pored over each trait, and I really couldn't decide! All the qualities are very important leh.. T__T Sense of humor is incredibly important to me, I just can't deal with boring people. But money is also crucial to lead a happy life LOL. Have to be smart right, I have no patience for stupid people, and our children how!!

I wailed to him, "I NEED MORE MONEY!!" T_T But he insisted that I must make my selection, grr.

In the end, I picked:  Funny, Smart, and Faithful. Just nice, $5.

He looked through the list again and nodded, "Wow, you got such a good deal! You paid $5, and you got back $19 in value in me!"



It's been 2 years since my mother-in-law has left us, and over the weekend, there was a huge ceremony and prayers to signify the end of the mourning period. With that, the boy can start wearing bright colors.

Him: "I am not used to wearing red."

Me: *sympathetic* "Aww, baby, it's ok, these things take time..."

Him: *completely ignores and continues* "Red makes me look fat! Black is a much more slimming color..."


While browsing for study lamps in Ikea, the boy asked me what genes would I like us to pass to our children in the future.

"Hmm, I want our kids to have my book-smart genes, and your street-smart genes!"

He nodded in agreement.

"And I want them to have your height! But have my looks, HAHA."

He gave me a -_-|| face but nodded again wtf.

"Mmmm, I want them to have my health genes! Okay, fine, my grandparents' health genes 'cause they are still so fit and health and they are going to live foreverrrrr!!"

"And OH OH! I want them to have my HAPPY gene!"

"Harh? Can just take a fraction of the happy gene ar?"

"Nooooo, cannot! Good what, my happy gene! Can be happy ALL the time!"

"Oh great. Next time everytime I go home, I go back to freaking Disney**."
 **'Cause I am always singing and dancing at home wan!


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