Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Lace in Bali.

 photo DSC00667_zpsggycsxfk.jpg

 photo DSC00669_zpspwlhjpnz.jpg

 photo IMG_1743_zpspqhspmeh.jpg

 photo DSC00674_zpsq1zctmcp.jpg

These pictures are so grainy because we came out of our 16-degree air-conditioned hotel room to the humid Bali heat (it rained on our first morning, why oh why!)-- causing the camera to fog up. T_T

Anyway, this lace shift dress might look quite formal, but I decided to  dress it down with gladiators and hat-- voila, tropical island, I am ready for you. :D

Barcelona lace shift dress: AZORIAS
Straw hat: Guangzhou
Gladiators: Zara
Straw bag: H&M

The reason why I named this dress Barcelona lace is 'cause when I was in Barcelona recently, I came across some lace fabrics-- and they were called Barcelona lace. The lace on this dress reminded me of those laces. :)

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Island life.

 photo DSC00731_zpszrm36xhe.jpg

 photo DSC00747_zpsscwln677.jpg

 photo DSC00739_zpst0armaly.jpg

 photo DSC00740_zpsd4wczor9.jpg

Embroidered laced-up scallop romper: AZORIAS
Hat: Zara
Gladiators: Zara
Straw bag: H&M

Thursday, August 25, 2016

My version of a beach cover-up.

 photo DSC00690_zpswl6eep9u.jpg

 photo DSC00700_zpssh6r8836.jpg

 photo DSC00689_zpsleihay5j.jpg

 photo DSC00691_zpsbcgnk42y.jpg

 photo DSC00695_zps7ycvk7tn.jpg

Laced-up swimsuit: Bangkok
B/W striped linen flare skirt: AZORIAS (Available in Black or Blue)
Slippers: Hotel wtf
Tassel rattan bag: H&M

Beach cover-ups usually come in the form of kaftans or robes, but I like the idea of throwing on a high-waisted bottom over my swimsuit! That way it still looks like a proper outfit (I totally went for lunch in this outfit :P), but I still get easy access to the pool (literally slide the skirt down my hips before jumping in wahaha).

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pastels by the beach.

 photo DSC00709_zpstrmdljdk.jpg

 photo DSC00725_zps9vpsablo.jpg

 photo DSC00714_zpsk09yero6.jpg

 photo DSC00729_zps4l562quk.jpg

 photo DSC00722_zpsz80qiwyh.jpg

Crochet lace trimmed romper: AZORIAS (Available in Pink and White)
Hat: Guangzhou
Pink sunnies: Forever 21
Bag: Furla

Friday, August 19, 2016

Lunch in Nusa Dua, Bali.

 photo DSC00758_zps4a6wrnt9.jpg

 photo DSC00763_zpsccw10ll0.jpg

 photo DSC00760_zps6mxemfth.jpg

 photo DSC00759_zpsgfotxhmu.jpg

 photo DSC00762_zps1cquur43.jpg

Buttercup embroidery kimono top: AZORIAS
Denim shorts: Cotton On
Gladiators: Zara
Bag: Furla

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My next destination is...

Hola, I am back from Bali! Am definitely suffering from holiday blues, but I can soldier on 'cause...


Throwback to an impromptu picnic in Brisbane last year...

 photo DSC01002_zpsojx9qzdy.jpg

 photo DSC01014_zpsm71ikuva.jpg
Picnic flatlay LOL.

 photo DSC01010_zpsr3xfnrp2.jpg

 photo B658906E-8CCB-49DD-BD4E-000B83C17FEC_zps6n5nfxzy.jpg
Everyone wore floral crowns. *heart*

 photo DSC01059_zpspriv7sp3.jpg

 photo DSC01020_zps9cfqmvzo.jpg
 photo DSC01028_zpsprs23bl9.jpg
Selfie time!

 photo DSC01062_zpsmaziboy3.jpg

 photo DSC01011_zpstwectg08.jpg
Retro-looking picnic mat, floral paper cups, pastries, meringue, eclairs, doughnuts, Moscato... I think we did GOOD for this picnic. :D

 photo DSC01089_zpsqhvhin0o.jpg

 photo DSC01032_zpsfy91qgqk.jpg

 photo DSC01026_zps2qkrfbj6.jpg

 photo DSC01086_zpsnniuzxtn.jpg
Accidental twinning with Jing. :P

 photo DSC01071_zpsmzurp4bk.jpg
 photo DSC01004_zps9cknogsv.jpg

 photo DSC01091_zpsydtbikxi.jpg
Our "FASHUN" pose. :P

 photo IMG_2381_zpsgyt6emlp.jpg

 photo DSC01069_zpsfjydgvap.jpg

 photo IMG_2380_zps2htzwajk.jpg

Lilac circular crochet lace halter dress: AZORIAS (Available in Lilac and White)
Heels: Jing's
Bag: Dior

 photo DSC01007_zps4zzf8o46.jpg

Just 3 more days to this!! :D :D :D

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Aqua prints for Chiangmai.

Hi guys, as you read this, I am already in Bali! Hubby and I are here for a friend's wedding. :) You can follow me on Instagram (@revelinme) or Dayre ( for my real-time updates!

In the meantime, I thought it will be nice to go through memory lane to another tropical holiday-- Chiangmai...

 photo DSC04067_zps5pqxcbpl.jpg

 photo 0C3AD471-9748-452E-89BC-89A18F462246_zps9oinhp4o.jpg

 photo 82BA8354-D518-452A-B364-609F5B7627AC_zpsxjrj1qdg.jpg

 photo DSC04072_zps0abeeip0.jpg

 photo DSC04087_zps3uf33swm.jpg

 photo DSC04108_zpshf3de5ve.jpg

 photo IMG_1300_zps972afpf4.jpg

 photo DSC04116_zpsvosacy14.jpg

 photo 29C26EAB-6457-4386-8F0C-FCEADAC54B3C_zpsn0wqsslx.jpg

 photo 11281684-7D3C-49EB-B713-073B297A68DD_zpsn86ov9js.jpg

 photo DSC04098_zpsebbrudkd.jpg

 photo DSC04099_zpsbj4agax8.jpg

My mom teasing me with a white hair she plucked off my head. T__________T

Aqua print cutout dress: AZORIAS
Bangles: H&M
Sunnies: Prada

Sandals: Zara
Bag: Furla

Jing is wearing an AZORIAS backless cropped top.