Friday, July 29, 2016

Wedding guest outfit.

Here is what I wore to a wedding recently! The dress code was smart casual, but I didn't really trust the hubby 'cause 1) we lost the wedding invite FOL; and 2) men are just clueless about these kind of things LOL.

In the end, I decided to err on safe side and wear a pretty lace dress in a soft romantic color...

 photo DSC00434_zpshkmdccav.jpg

 photo DSC00426 shoes_zpsbze7zxgo.jpg
Took my wedding heels out for a spin. :D

 photo DSC00438_zpsvkmxercx.jpg

 photo DSC00443_zpsxpqlss8f.jpg

 photo DSC00435 skirt_zpshttomljk.jpg

Cross-back lace dress: AZORIAS
Diamante statement necklace: Chatchuchak, Bangkok
Butterfly heels: Sophia Webster
Embroidery appliqué box bag: Lyn Aroud (Thailand)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Botanica + Co., Bangsar South

Over the weekend, I met up with Teeny for some long overdue sisterly time. Both of us have been eyeing this new cafe, Botanica + Co. which has kind of taken over Instagram by storm recently. Curiosity got the better of us, so off we went!

 photo 1.-Botanica-Co_zpsqx9fkr7j.jpg
With an interior like this, you can't blame us for wanting to make a visit right? :P
[picture credits to Eat Drink KL]

 photo DSC00473_zpsmbyxflfd.jpg
Waiting at the sexy bar area hehe.

We were initially a little worried about the crowd as I saw on IG that some people were actually turned away from the restaurant due to an overwhelming throng of patrons, so we arrived at about 2pm-- a little later after the usual lunchtime. There was only a slight wait (about 3 parties, but tables cleared fairly quickly).

 photo IMG_0577_zps83wrszdk.jpg
There was a good range in the menu-- from varied light bites (TRUFFLE FRIES!!) to scrumptious mains like sandwiches, burgers, brunch food, pastas, steak etc. You will be hardpressed to be NOT being able to find something you want to eat. In fact, your dilemma is more likely not knowing what to order haha.

 photo IMG_0595_zpsocmoaqaj.jpg
Ceiling-to-floor windows lend plenty of sunlight into the premise-- great for photo-taking. :D

 photo IMG_0592_zpszu5fo5hn.jpg
But trust me to be seated at a back-lit area FML.

 photo IMG_0589_zps80gcayqj.jpg
I had the Clubc Sandwich, whereas Teeny had the shakshouka. I was pleasantly surprised that the food was very good! 'Cause many Malaysian cafes have disappointed me by having a pretty facade but no facade wtf.

Later on, I would find out that the chef of Botanica + Co. headed the kitchen of the famed PS Cafe in Singapore! I have never been to PS cafe personally, but I have heard of many raving reviews of the place though. This might explain why both Teeny and I were so pleased with our meals...

 photo 13653012_10153500526017757_3380677123528283618_o_zpswbvwmgfw.jpg
My leggy lunch partner.

 photo IMG_0612_zpsgxhmdp0g.jpg

 photo IMG_0621_zpstvpuo43i.jpg

 photo DSC00472_zps4nptey5f.jpg

 photo IMG_0600_zpssocitpug.jpg
Stacked churros-- get this, stuffed with ice cream! :O :O :O

 photo IMG_0617_zpshnzlctaj.jpg

 photo IMG_0624_zps3a0v9d47.jpg

Dress: AZORIAS (Also available in White)
Bracelets: Korea/ H&M

Gladiator sandals: Zara
Bag: Furla

Overall, prices are on the high side (about RM30++ for mains, RM12-16 for coffees), but we left as satisfied customers. Looking forward to try their sister cafe, Botanica Deli, located just next door!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Postcards from Barcelona: Part 1

All from our first day in Barcelona-- this day really marked the start of us falling in love with this city. Without sounding like a cliched sap, everything was perfect! The weather, the people, the food, the sights, the sounds, the skies (bluest I have ever seen!), the architecture-- everything exceeded my expectations. :)

 photo DSC03321_zpssamaxubw.jpg
La Rambla. One of the first places we hit-- to look for a bite!

 photo DSC03361_zpsmmosi6qw.jpg
Plaça Reial. This was an unexpected find during our aimless walk. The vibrant intricate yellow buildings (and Spanish balconies) and flamboyant palm trees stole my heart instantly.

 photo DSC03378_zpsqmmvjnea.jpg
Barcelona Port. Our aimless walk led us to here! Another unexpected but VERY pleasant surprise-- I didn't expect the city to be THIS close to the sea!

 photo DSC08026_zpswvvlykr3.jpg
El Chipiron, Maremagnum. Finally, a proper lunch. And cheers to a reunion in such a beautiful place!

 photo DSC00230_zpsxlq7tcty.jpg
Plaça Reial. Them palm trees though.

 photo DSC08039_zpso8iefmsb.jpg
Barcelona Port. Never pass up a chance to do the flamenco! :P

 photo DSC00221_zpsenqbuiaa.jpg
La Rambla. Spring/ summer means colorful blooms everywhere!

 photo DSC00192_zpsqliugtfq.jpg
La Rambla (alley). Looks like something that comes from my skillful hands... :D

 photo DSC00256_zpstsdw9ujw.jpg
Passeig de Gracia. Also known as THE shopping street.

 photo DSC00158_zps8u4dp7vf.jpg
Near our hotel in Eixample.

 photo DSC03375_zpsuvpipw2w.jpg
Barcelona Port. My first time seeing the Mediterranean sea... and it does not disappoint! The prettiest shade of blue/ green...

 photo DSC03326_zps3go1l07c.jpg
La Rambla. With my best buds!

 photo DSC00202_zpsbh7gm6yf.jpg
La Rambla.

Abstract print bias hem dress: AZORIAS
Leather peplum hem: Korea
Layered beaded necklace: Korea
Laced-up pumps: Zara
Bag: Balenciaga

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dessert run.

I am back with another post, woohoo!

Will try to post my daily OOTDs as often as I can-- as often as my #instagramhusband is willing to snap photos of me anyway HAHA.

 photo DSC00447_zpse4exigkj.jpg

 photo IMG_0203_zpsvqlyuvrp.jpg

 photo DSC00451_zpsoo0dnjow.jpg

 photo DSC00457_zpsjgjs64cb.jpg

 photo IMG_0182_zpsruaodlq7.jpg

 photo DSC00453_zpsszshi897.jpg

Hat: MNG, Barcelona
Strapped-up heels: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Chanel

Ughh, can't tell you how much my opened bag in this series of photo is bugging me. >:(

On a happier, scratch that, HAPPIEST note, I just received my Chinese wedding reception cum post-wedding photos in the mail today!! Can't wait to share them with you guys!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What I have been up to in the past 10 months.

Okay, I can't even believe it myself... I haven't blogged in 10 months. :O
That has to be some kind of personal record. -_- Not that it is anything to be proud of wtf.

I have been still micro-blogging all these while though-- am quite active on Dayre! So you guys can catch all my shenanigans in the past months there. *weak laugh* I think the thing I struggle with the most is separating content between my blog and Dayre. Often, I find myself blogging on-the-go on Dayre, and by the time I want to blog-- I feel like I have nothing else to say FML. 

But a recent incident kind of opened my eyes. I wanted to search for something from a few years back-- and literally by typing a few keywords, I can retrieve what I want from my past blogposts easily. T_T Whether it is by going through my blog archives or via Google, all my memories and albums are neatly categorized, easily accessed by me whenever, wherever. On the other hand, whilst Dayre is incredibly convenient to blog on-the-go, it is still not a platform that purely belongs to me. Call this a wake-up call, but it reminded me that my blog is still my baby, and it will be meaningful to nurture it-- even if it is just for the sake of my own memories. :)

Soooo.. in the meantime, I have kind of came up with a "strategy", if you can call it that. I am going to keep searchable content (travel tips/ travelogue, milestones, reviews etc.) and detailed outfit posts on the blog, whereas my Dayre will be more for daily updates-- as I assume you guys won't feel inclined to search for what I had for lunch last Wednesday lol.

Okay? Let's gooooo. 
 To start with, let me start with a recap for the past 10 months WTF.

October 2015 (this was when I last blogged huhu)

  photo 1510-1_zpsfpc2ps20.jpg
Bobo's birthday dinner! This is an important event because:

1) It was the beginning of a blossoming friendship between Audrey, Bobo, Careen, Weizhi, and I.

2) It started a tradition of us throwing a not-so-surprise birthday party for each girl. :)

3) It was also from here that I started to dabble in styling/ decorating parties, and developed a love for it!

 photo 1510-2_zpslpbmqfjo.jpg
Very quickly, the five of us became very close, and it was sometime this month that we named ourselves #competitiveaunties.

November 2015

 photo 1511-1_zps4azv7sy7.jpg
Went to Chiangmai with my family!

 photo 1511-2_zpsigmvfts0.jpg
Also celebrated my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, truly #relationshipgoals. :)

December 2015

 photo 1512_zpsx92xpu2n.jpg
Threw a surprise birthday high-tea for my mom. As you can see, I was slowly getting addicted with styling parties haha.

This was also a month filled with weddings-- I LOVE WEDDINGS!

January 2016

 photo 1601_zpsyemgszef.jpg
Took business class for the first time in my life! Well, actually I have taken it once before when I was a kid (sponsored by my dad's medical conference), but that doesn't count 'cause it was just a 45-minute interstate flight LOL.

Went to Guangzhou to do some wedding-shopping 'cause my parents insisted that there are loads of wedding stuff to buy there! Which reminds me, I want to do a post on the famous Wedding Street in Guangzhou. :)

February 2016

 photo 1602_zpsxulta8fd.jpg
Wedding-planning officially started! We did our ROM back in 2014 (click here to read a sneak peek post), but the wedding receptions (both a Western and Chinese one) were to take place in mid-May 2016.

March 2016

 photo 1603-1_zpsfuhkem9r.jpg
Went to Guangzhou AGAIN haha. Just to wrap up some wedding shopping, and it was during this trip that I accidentally found my dream gown. :O Which I bought of course, haha.

 photo 1603-2_zps65oq7cpv.jpg
Also went to Bangkok with the hubby (who was there for a business trip), just a short trip only!

April 2016

 photo 1604_zpsgmeyodtn.jpg
My #competitiveaunties threw me the most awesome hen's getaway ever. T____T

May 2016

 photo 1605-1_zpsps17fiuy.jpg
We got married!! :D :D :D

Definitely will do a proper blogpost on all the wedding celebrations-- let me know specifically what you all want to read about!

 photo 1605-2_zpsab23uzal.jpg
We also went on a faux honeymoon the Barcelona and Madrid! Faux 'cause-- my family decided to tag along FOL hahahaha. But oh well, we will plan for another REAL honeymoon soon then nyehehe.

 photo 1605-3_zpsnrjgftux.jpg
Definitely one for the books-- hubby and I went for a Coldplay concert in Barcelona itself! This was sooo awesome. Can I blog about this? Will anyone be interested? Haha.

June 2016

 photo 1606_zpswusuqf9g.jpg

June was definitely a winding-down month from all the excitement of our wedding and fantastic honeymoon. We still managed to squeeze in a post-wedding shoot with Rocky though! :D


And here we are, in the month of July!

Obviously the above is a super succinct summary of the past few months, but the general highlights are there LOL.

Ending this entry with an outfit post...

 photo DSC00411_zpsau5hmo9c.jpg

 photo DSC00414_zps0tvy8rfw.jpg

 photo DSC00410_zpsrazih9nc.jpg

 photo 7A91D68A-F576-4661-AB4A-CDDF8EC385BD_zps5a02morf.jpg

 photo 8CC3F93E-4F9B-448E-B8D4-F1599EF65B37_zpsxrmejevk.jpg

Sheer back scallop-lace romper: AZORIAS
Nude gladiators: Zara
Bag: Miu Miu

See you in my next blogpost! :D