Thursday, March 23, 2017

Post-wedding shoot: Part I.

Finally I am back again! *shy face*

Today, I want to share my post-wedding shoot with you all; we had 3 looks so there are quite a bit of photos, hence I am going to split the photos into two parts. :) Also, I will be blogging in detail about my wedding and the planning, design, details, EVERYTHING, so stay tuned!

Why post-wedding shoot?

To be honest, I never intended to have one! We have actually scheduled some time before our Chinese wedding dinner (yep, we had a Chinese and Western one-- that is what you get from being Chinese hoho) to do a shoot with our corgi, Rocky. Alas, it was raining cats and dogs; plus we were still knackered from all the wedding shenanigans the day before. Naturally, it just made sense to postpone our shoot then. Big love to our photographer, Jane Lee, who accommodated us!

I was way, way, way too ambitious to decide to style the shoot myself. Imagine lugging ALL the props below in heels and a poofy gown and setting up alone. T_T Hubby was busy with the dog, whereas the photographer was busy setting up her equipment as well; so it was really all me. *shakes head*

Also, we were really unlucky 'cause my worst nightmare came true-- it started raining barely 20 minutes into the shoot. We still persevered though, and you can definitely see raindrops in some of the photos haha. But I think the results were well-worth it!


 photo D3_A8082_zpsox8epkiv.jpg

 photo D3_A8081_zpspjhbi0nq.jpg

 photo D3_A8079_zpsogau8iyj.jpg
I was so ecstatic to find a vintage-esque crown with blue accents, to go with my dress! This  crown is meant to be worn on the back of your head, which I love because it is more subtle and romantic I feel?

 photo D3_A8247_zpsjht6l9x9.jpg
The set-up for the shoot! I was going for a soft, cozy look with slight bohemian touches.

 photo D3_A8127_zps3fj6w1qb.jpg
Dressing-up time-- in the midst of tying a gigantic satin bow on Rocky!

 photo D3_A8129_zpsg9vbckaj.jpg

 photo D3_A8136_zpsddcxowch.jpg
Look at this stupid dog--- halfway through the shoot he started rolling himself on my gown haha.

 photo D3_A8261_zpsqcfrmlsz.jpg
I love butterflies so I tried to incorporate it subtly into this shoot as well! These Sophia Webster heels are just perfect.... They went so well with my dress too!

 photo D3_A8198_zpspx1ugynw.jpg

 photo D3_A8262_zpseksrmkdl.jpg
Loose, rustic bouquet...

 photo D3_A8087_zpskhi4lbq0.jpg

 photo D3_A8106_zpsdv1pdvag.jpg
I made a hardcover storybook for our wedding! Will blog more about this soon, but naturally this has to be a prop for our shoot. :)

 photo D3_A8117_zpsgbnnc3j1.jpg
It was fun reading through it again!

 photo D3_A8126_zpsoanfn1tt.jpg One of my favorite photos haha. It's so typical of Rocky to be staring at us judgingly, begrudging that he is missing out on the action (for example, when we eat at the dining table, snuggling while watching TV etc.).

 photo D3_A8258_zps1qdpouim.jpg
Remember I said there are subtle butterfly accents here and there? I made this terrarium with a butterfly in it. :)

This next series of photos seriously crack me up:

 photo D3_A8174_zps31evqc2b.jpg
Rocky just realizing that we are being chummy without him.

 photo D3_A8178_zpskgkcivp7.jpg
"No way I am missing out!"

 photo D3_A8180_zpszzfnknu6.jpg
"Wait for me, y'guys!"

 photo D3_A8182_zpsldwjflga.jpg
"Almost there..."

 photo D3_A8184_zpsx04emcyd.jpg
"Yay, reunited!"


 photo D3_A8251_zpsqcmsq9sp.jpg
"Better Together" is the theme of our wedding ceremony and dinner. I will blog more on this, but since this quote is really meaningful to us, I got it calligraphed and it is now displayed in our home as a reminder. :)

 photo D3_A8169_zps7szcswd7.jpg
Not ready for a double-whammy kiss!

 photo D3_A8253_zpsftacjwui.jpg
A close-up of the set-up! I handmade the tambourines-- they were props/ decor for my wedding. :)

 photo D3_A8254_zpseeiu3atr.jpg
Handpainted macarons 'cause that is the way I roll. (PS: you can totally see the raindrops right? T_T)

 photo D3_A8100_zpsyhvnaikn.jpg

 photo D3_A8235_zpsruibp553.jpg
LOVE LOVE LOVE my dress!

PS: I am planning to let it go to another loving owner though, email me if you are interested!

 photo D3_A8146_zpsawdm7vdc.jpg

 photo D3_A8202_zpsqgwy3zfd.jpg

 photo D3_A8152_zpszhqp3dvk.jpg

 photo D3_A8222_zpspsnmstkl.jpg

 photo D3_A8133_zpszupgnkux.jpg

So much feels going through these photos again hehe. Part II coming up next!