Friday, May 05, 2017

Post-wedding shoot: Part II

Hi everyone, I am back with the second part of our post-wedding shoot! You can read about Part I here.

As mentioned in Part I, it started raining 20 minutes into our shoot. T_T We still persevered with the first look (the gown you see in the previous post), but by the time we lugged back all the props into our condo (in the rain, no less!), hubby and I were already feel quite down and frankly speaking, exhausted. Dejected, I actually suggested to just call it a day. 'Cause the rain was really quite a mood-dampener, and I felt bad for putting hubby through it.

Thank god he and our photographer (I love you, Jane!) were incredibly supportive and encouraged me to go on with the shoot. If not you won't be able to see the beautiful photos below. T_T

As usual, ENJOY!

 photo D3_A8392_zpsv9h4goef.jpg

 photo D3_A8300_zps6ut0sdr2.jpg

I actually never got to wear a veil for my wedding. *sniff*

Long story, but I wasn't allowed to for my ROM (as hubby was in mourning), and we didn't have enough time during the wedding reception for me to change into my white dress. So this photo is actually more meaningful to me than you know... :')

 photo D3_A8283_zpsdct3qn1h.jpg
Crystals and lace Valentinos.

 photo D3_A8318_zpsalcytd2c.jpg
I got these crowns a few years ago, always intending to use it in my engagement shoot!

 photo D3_A8432_zpslbyzmneb.jpg

 photo D3_A8355_zpsho1vom6e.jpg

For my second look, I wore my white gown (the same one I wore for my ROM!); and for my third look, I went for an ice blue embellished short dress. I originally intended to wear this short dress for dancing during the wedding reception, but I found another dress instead, HAHA. Story of my life! :P

 photo D3_A8376_zpsksado2rh.jpg
One closed eyes, one looking at camera, one looking at dunno where. *sweat*

 photo D3_A8428_zpsbdnrqb20.jpg

The base is very structured organza, with a french lace overlay, and then covered with more lace patchings, lattice lace and floral appliqué... EXQUISITE.

I got this from a bridal shop at the Wedding Street in Guangzhou by the way-- it was love at first sight!

 photo D3_A8389_zpsidfuz7et.jpg
Giggling away 'cause look at my stupid dog-- facing the wrong side to the camera as usual!!

 photo D3_A8327_zpsfevvdepr.jpg

 photo D3_A8288_zpskfnwzufn.jpg

My custom gown came with detachable tulle off-shoulder sleeves (can be worn as capsleeves as well). For my ROM, I wore it strapless. :)

 photo D3_A8449_zpsppou7juc.jpg
Big love for this candid shot!

 photo D3_A8415_zps20mq6mi3.jpg

 photo D3_A8383_zpscw2z4ivq.jpg
OMG this dog still facing his butt to the world... *face palm*

 photo D3_A8433_zps9zqu4nec.jpg
Loving my rustic bouquet for the day. :)

 photo D3_A8422_zpsprmjbnxv.jpg

 photo D3_A8361_zpsfdbrys96.jpg
By the way, you might notice that I am wearing my Sophia Webster heels without the ankle straps here... I lost one side of the strap while we were shooting for the first look. T____T I told you it was quite an episode setting up and shooting (and packing up!) in the rain!

Does anyone know where I can find some silver ankle straps? T___T

 photo D3_A8271_zpszkbknsfq.jpg
The back of my gown. I wish I have more more photos of the details on my dress! *wails*

 photo D3_A8367_zpsfn5bkzhl.jpg

 photo D3_A8416_zpsgszdnpva.jpg

 photo D3_A8434_zpsiknf1q29.jpg

 photo D3_A8358_zps4svlrsa5.jpg

That's all for our post-wedding shoot! It was incredibly fun to do it-- even if I *almost* didn't go through with the entire shoot. Pretty sad that it is over, but I am working my charms on persuading hubby to do an anniversary shoot each year... *wide-eyed innocence* HAHA!

PS: I will be blogging about ALL the planning and details of my wedding after this, hope you guys enjoy it! :)


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